Carpet Floor Heaters

The carpet floor heaters make adding warmth and comfort to any room in the home or office easy. The Speedheat carpet heating panel is like an electric blanket, fitted under your carpet. Purposely designed for under carpet

The extensive range of Quickheat carpet heating shapes and sizes allows flexibility with room sizes and furniture layouts avoiding heating under furniture with solid bases.




  • Response time is from 15-30 minutes - the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room within 1 hout of switching on.
  • Economical - Speedheat floor surface heating costs far less to run then conventional electric in-slab heating due to quick response time and reduced wattage/m2
  • Environmentally friendly - no smoke, no fumes, no dust no EMR (electromagnetic radiation)
  • Safe - waterproof, earthed and self correcting heating element
  • Allergy friendly - does not emit V.O.C.'s (volatile organic comppounds) whilst gas heaters emit nitrogen oxides
  • Thermostatic control - each room is controlled individually
  • No aesthetic compromise - nothing is visible and nothing needs storage in summer
  • No maintenance
  • Simple to install - only requires 1mm of space to fit
  • Safe - waterproof
  • Simple to install
  • Floor finishes

  • Carpet


  • New builds
  • Existing builds
  • Renovations
  • Suitable for apartments, offices, factories etc
  • Specifications

    carpet floor specs




    Carpet heater sizes (pdf format) 


    5 year product warranty


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