Tile Heating Kits

Quickheat tile heating kits are suited for installation on suspended timber or concrete subfloors for use under most hard surfaces including ceramic tiles, slate, porcelain, limestone, marble, terracotta, wood, laminate, vinyl & stone.

Unique heating system design guarantees a gentle, even heat across the floor surface

Floor heating installations have traditionally involved complicated procedures. Cables supplied on a roll require careful planning to ensure there are no cold spots and covering the cables with screed raises the floor levels. Quickheat has addressed these problems by providing a unique floor heating system suited for installation by any competent person.

under tile

Multi application heating system

Quickheat tile heating systems have been used across Australia for residential, commercial and industrial applications including houses & apartments, churches, halls, public buildings, aged care homes, schools, universities, kennels & catteries.

The 1mm thin Quickheat heating element is installed on the sub-floor directly beneath the floor surface - perfect for renovations as there are no screeds raising floor levels.

  • Pre-configured element mounted on self adhesive tape
  • Factory terminated cold tail leads
  • 1mm thin heating element which does not affect floor levels
  • Element & cold tail connections fully earthed & waterproof
  • Durable & reliable
  • Easy floor heating installation, no special tools required
  • 5 Year guarantee

Comprehensive tile heating package all in a single kit

Quickheat tile heating kits are available in seven different sizes. By using one or more of these heaters any room size and shape can enjoy under floor heating as a primary or secondary heating source. The Quickheat tile heater kits include: Tile floor heater kit
  • Pre-measured element mounted on self adhesive tape
  • Factory terminated cold tail leads on the heater
  • Self adhesive fibreglass mesh
  • Programmable thermostat control
  • Floor probe sensor
  • Klimaguard installation monitor (element alarm/tester)
  • Installation guidelines
  • Technical & installation support (telephonic)


Complete Programmed automated control

thermostatComplete comfort control is easily achieved with the standard programmable thermostat supplied with each tile heating kit.

Automated operation enhances the energy efficiency of the Quickheat tile heating system. Programs can be set to regulate comfort levels via floor or room air temperature, up to 4 cycles per day, accommodating different weekday and weekend routines.


Unobtrusive and safe

Quickheat tile heating is installed directly beneath the floor surface, allowing freedom of furniture layout. The heating element is double insulated with a full earth screen, guaranteed waterproof and protected by a RCD when installed, ensuring protection against fire and shock.

Quickheat tile heating systems comply with IEC specifications and carry the CE mark. Our factory is accredited by IQNet and DQS and all products are manufactured under ISO9001:2000 compliance.


The heater should be installed according to the manual provided with each kit.  

A detailed installation guideline manual is supplied with each Quickheat tile heating kit covering floor preparation, electrical requirements, tile heating installation, thermostat connection and damage repair. Additional technical and installation support is also available via the support website or telephonically.

Quickheat tile heating is classified as an appliance and can be installed by any competent person. The heater must be connected to a RCD (safety switch) protected circuit by an electrician. All wiring must conform to AS/NZS 3000:2000 and local wiring regulations. 

Quickheat provide a free design service and planning advice for your complete room heater layout. We are available to answer your questions relating to electrical preparation or installation of your floor heating system. If you prefer to leave the installation to a floor heating contractor, a professional design & installation service is available across Australia
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