About Speed Heat

using one or more of these heaters any room size and shape can enjoy under floor heating as a primary or secondary heating source.

Advantages of Quickheat DIY:

Response time is from 15-30 minutes - the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room within 1 hour of  switching on.

Economical - Speedheat floor heating costs far less to run then conventional electric in-slab heating due to quick response time and reduced wattage/m2

Environmentally friendly - no smoke, no fumes, no dust no EMR (electromagnetic radiation)

Safe - waterproof, earthed and self correcting heating element

fast response floor heating system and requires no additional build-up height as required with other under floor heating systems.

This results in large savings in installation costs and heating electricity consumption as compared to other conventional floor heating systems.

The Speedheat Floor Heating franchise network ensures a quick and professional floor heating installation which is fully guaranteed to give you satisfaction and peace of mind.

Our Quickheat DIY Kits are a popular option for the do it yourself enthusiasts. Quickheat can be installed by any competent person and we have a team of experts ready to answer any questions you may have. Quickheat Kits are available in seven different sizes. By

Heating systems are installed directly under most types of floor coverings including tiles, carpets and timber laminates.

The quick response time and low power requirements of SPEEDHEAT promote the economic use of electricity as a power course, contributing greatly to the benefits of sustainable design and efficient energy use. Minimising the use of electricity in turn, has environmental benefits by minimising greenhouse gases. 

The patented 1 mm-thick design of floor heating element means that the Speedheat Floor Heating technology is suitable for either heating new builds or for retro-fitting heating in existing buildings, with many domestic floor heating and commercial floor heating applications. This unique space-age design enables an extremely

Speedheat Floor Heating offers a complete comfort solution, starting with design right through to customer support even once the system is installed. Speedheat creates an extremely comfortable home throughout winter at a lesser cost than conventional electric heating.

Floor heating is comfortable because the warmth is generated at your feet, the parts of your body that feel the cold most. There are no draughts or uncomfortably hot areas. Thousands of happy clients throughout Australia recommend Speedheat. It is suitable for homes, bathrooms, aged care, boats, agriculture, kennels, institutional buildings, churches- the options are endless.

Clean heating, efficient heating, responsive and completely invisible heating... Speedheat Under Floor